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I'll only play with people who have a New 3DS since playing with past gens will hinder my online experience due to their awful loads and playstyle: I still think Nintendo was quite short sighted to not include the second nub and pair of shoulder buttons in the original 3DS model. So onto high rank huh? Is it killer like you need more armor and weapons now? The first monster kills me in two hits at full health, sometimes it's close to getting one-shot, so I definitely need new armor.

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I don't want to be downing two Mega Potions and one regular Potion every time I get hit, that's a waste of honey. And I already upgraded my weapon, but I think I did need it. Cubits Well-Known Member Feb 11, The c-stick is no better than the touch screen dpad which works pretty well! I was mixing it up, and there's really nothing in it.

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Buuut the game looks better on the new, which is nice. It's still no wii u version Koenig The Architect Feb 11, The load times seem very very minimal to me this time around. How does it look better on the new version? Does it display improved textures or something along those lines? I had it running side by side and it's noticeable that way but not really in isolation.

It's just more of a nice touch by capcom for going the extra mile. Although, that was probably money better spent on a console version To some extent, Nintendo has always been a little short-sighted. The sheer variety in monsters is astounding in this game. Some of the creativity that went into some of these monsters is ridiculous. Easily comparable with the best boss fights of any game in the industry. It's actually hard to think of any game with better bosses with the exception of Shadow of the Colossus, and even in that one there were only about 5 that were really outstanding. Though that last boss Matt and I fought, an Elder Dragon, was kind of shitty.

Rather, it was boring because it was so similar to a fight we went through way too many times in MH3U, and for me in Tri as well. On the other hand, I fought the other Elder Dragon, the final boss of Low Rank in single player, and that guy is a true beast, and a ton of fun.

Nothing like getting your ass kicked by your old buddy the Pink Rathian. She was already limping goddammit. I ran out of potions, pretty much had nothing but antidote left, she poisoned me, and even though I kept my cool and was trying to focus so I could dodge one more attack before using an antidote, I wasn't able to dodge her fire breath.

That was about 45 minutes of unrewarded hard work. I get the impression my New 3DS will not ship until tomorrow when the damn thing launches and arriving next week , rather than arriving at my doorstep at the time of launch like Amazon does things.

Official - Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate - Discussion and Matchmaking Thread | IGN Boards

They gave it a 68, are incredibly misinformed its pathetic. They mistook Monster Fluid as something you use to track monsters with, very likely only got about 5 hours in and gave up and only tried single player. I'll believe it when I get the email notice.

Aug 14, Last edited by a moderator: Gotta get a petition going or something. I guarantee its faster to load into an area than it is to walk to one like in World. And online is just gonna be hands down much better in GU, trust your dude. FriedShoes , Aug 14, USmooth , Aug 14, Thought this might be a useful video for anybody coming from MHW to this game!

It has a lot of differences Ahmed and I were discussing, but this will give you a visualization on it and how to prepare if you're not a veteran of the series. Ahmed and Karkashan like this.

Aug 16, Karkashan , Aug 16, Might download the demo and give it a shot to see what its like. Redfield64 , Aug 16, MASA05 , Aug 16, Aug 28, Ahmed , Aug 28, Last edited by Cheski , Aug 28, Bit the bullet and ordered my copy yesterday.

Blu-Eyd-Wlf , Aug 28, I know this is an up rezzed 3DS game but it still looks solid to me. The monster designs go a long way in making this look impressive.

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I'll be picking up my pre-order tomorrow as it stands and I probably won't start until next week since I'll be out of town all weekend. CliffClive , Aug 28, Drucifer23 and Primedcuber like this. In an odd turn of events I just got notified that Monster Hunter would not be available for pick up until after the 31st. For some reason the trailer link broke?

Yeah, if you play MHX during peak Japan hours, you can find multiple rooms for any monsters. MH4U just doesn't have as many players. Good luck finding anything else.

Everyone in G rank wants to run a full 4-man team. I find that if there are no rooms for a specific monster, then when I host the room they fill up quickly. Usually 4 or 5 min and there will be at least three people. Even though there are a million copies sold, I think a lot of people seem adverse to hosting. It's faster to look for what's already there than make a room and hope people show up. A lot of people who still play online now are What time of day were you playing? I find that before 5PMish, there aren't as many people playing because they're all at work.

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The monsters being hunted will fluctuate regularly. Popular GQ ones like Teo and Rajang will always have rooms, but most other monsters can be hit-and-miss, for example I have even searched Fatalis before only to get no results though as you'd expect, this didn't last long.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

And of course, rooms for wimpy monsters like Great Jaggi are almost non-existent, even in low rank. The only time you'll see a Gypceros room is one made by brand new players. It's a popularity hierarchy. Brute Tigrex is cool and all, but Molten is the one that drops blasthearts, if you know what I mean. It's also entirely possible that there are rooms going, but they're just full. It's infuriating when you finally find a room with 3 players and they've already started the quest by the time you arrive You can always make your own room and hope for the best. Who knows - I've had people join a room dedicated to G rank Ioprey before.

Tigrex sucks for guild quests, apex or not, because hunters online tend to have some trouble with him it seems.

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  6. I've fought over B. If anyone else is like me, I list the lobby under Rajang because. This makes me question myself why there are no rooms for a Seltas. Yes, he is easy to solo and blahblahblah. But, 1 million copies, really Most people I know that bought the game moved on.