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I read a book about 6 years ago, it was so good. Theres this book i read about 5 years ago and i cant remember the title or anything but it was about this boy who felt like he was being watched by these strange people. He starts having these dreams of horrid scenes and his best freind whom he has a crush on later finds out they are moments in history like when he had a dream of being on a slave ship.

Later on in the story the people who watch him reveal that they along with him have live basically foreverbut in different bodies and by different names. Well thats all i can remember about it at the moment but ide like to know what its called so i can read it again.

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I was reading a book i was admitted in a children's hospital back in And when I was there they had a LOT of books to read. There was a particular book I keep rememb but not a lot of details of it. The book was about a kid who lived in a zoo. He never went to school, I think, and mer this kid that became his friend. She would play games with him and stuff. She tells him about a event of this big ball of knots that no one is able to until.

And he comes along to try to untie it. That's all I can remember of it. I'm hoping someone here can help me find the book again. I believe there was a story about this blind person going on a blind date with someone who was not blind, a character had two different eye colors, and another thing I remember are these two characters a guy and a girl who met in a church and there was this electric connection between them. Anything would be helpful, thank you. I partially read this book in college, someone had suggested, but never had the chance to finish it before returning it.

I forgot the title, but I think the title was a double entendre. The book is a story being told by a primate, chimpanzee or ape. The primate is discussing where we are heading as humans, a kind of warning about how we are impacting the environment. I do recall a metaphor where the primate describes a person believing they were flying a pedal powered craft, and the primate said, from the pilot's point of view they may believe they are flying even as we can observe they are falling, and until impact they may maintain their belief; something to that affect.

I wish I could remember the name of this book as I was enjoying it before I returned it.

How to Find That Book You've Spent Years Looking For

I read a short story in college as part of Southern gothic literature course. Story is from perspective of adolescent black boy who lives with his grandmother in Jim Crow south. I read a southern gothic short story in college that has always stuck in my mind except for the title.

The girl has nothing but disdain for her uneducated poor family and neighbors. She wants the items to decorate her city dwelling and to impress her intellectual circle. When a dog gets hydrophobia he becomes convinced that there are only bones. The dog becomes jealous when his mistress acquires a male admirer.

What to read next

I am looking for a romance book, I do not know the name or what year it was published just that I read it before Here is what I know. The heroine is from England and the hero is not English or American. She had a child with him, that he did not know about. The heroine was hit by a car while walking across the street, she is very sick, has pneumonia, but the hero thinks she is a drug addict because when DFS was called on her to check on the child, because they live in poverty the heroine, the DFS person noted a white powder on the counter top, which was actually flu powder, the heroine also had a knife because she was cutting carrots.

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The hero hires a nurse to take care of the heroine also. My boyfriend read a book when he was about 15, he said it had the word game in the title. He does these things for money and the price increases with every new task he is given. Samantha - I don't know the title of the children's ghost story book you're looking for, but I do know the story about the marble knight is called Man Size in Marble, by Edith Nesbit. The one about the artist may be Schalken the Painter, by J.

Sheridan Le Fanu - the artist paints a portrait of a young woman called Rose. Sorry I couldn't be more help! I'm trying to remember the name of this horror book my brother had in the 90's, i can vaguely remember the plot and the cover and nothing else. I don't know why i'm thinking font in the title was like goosebumps but this was from what i remember it was way to dark and graphic for that series. I am looking for a book I read a few years ago.

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I remember there being a unicorn somewhere. Looking for a book I read a while ago about a blind woman who was raped while in college after the ordeal she isolates her self. One day a doctor shows up at her door about a surgery that could help her regain her eyesight. She's hesitant to trust him at first but eventually does.

Some of its a haze but I believe her sister was getting married and while preparing she discovers the man her sister is about to marry is the man that raped her. Looking for novel I read years ago about a man who is on a ship, does something wrong and is penalized to sail on ship after ship through many many years sailing with some of the most famous captains of all time and I believe some pirates..

Would love to read again if I could remember what book it was!!! Looking for a book that I read in the 70s about a Native American girl. It was basically about her life but what I remember is that she had a pet rabbit that she loved and which she eventually had to sacrifice to save a sibling's life. Looking for a book that I read in the 70s.

It might have been a Scholastic book. It was about a young Native American girl and her life with her tribe.

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What I remember best is that she had a pet rabbit that she loved and which she eventually had to sacrifice to save the life of her sibling. American couple, baby and nanny on flight to Ireland when the plane crashes.

The sole survivor is the baby, who is rescued and taken to Ireland. Story ends with the baby's brother meeting her and falling in love. American couple, baby and nanny on flight to Ireland. Plane crashes en route to Ireland, only the baby survives. American brother meets her years later and falls in love. Small book - Christmas theme - daughter becomes sick and a male visitor appears and acts as an angel to save the child.

Twin sisters from the same coven, one is really without a soul as a bad woman who was murdered by a demon centuries bf, who betrayed him, split the soul of two sisters The two fall in love and she becomes pregnant but she has a vision of what the end will be. The bad woman who is working with another, end up dying and only one of the two sisters can survive, as there is only one soul. Also, the coven is murdered, her sister is taken to hell, where she is impregnated by the devil or another demon, who is the one working with the bad woman.

The 2nd sister is glamored into not remembering she had a twin during that time. It ends with the 2nd sister and her baby dying as she gives the remaining soul to her sister. Some details may be a little mixed up. Twin sister comes home to join her coven, after a death in the family, and there are strange neighbors with powers, who murder someone, bury and glamor all evidence away.

They take an interest in her and she ends up falling in love with the main male character, who I believe is part demon or something. There is a prophecy that this demon tries to prevent, which is by killing each woman reborn, of the love of his life who betrayed him and he inturn killed her, after she cursed him. Lucifer or another demon, r working with this woman, and they entwines and split a soul between two sisters to hide the evidence of her rebirth, kill a lot of the coven and then steal and impregnate the other sister.

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She becomes preganant and the bad lady tries to kill her and the only way to save herself and her sister, is to sacrifice her life and that of her child, so her sister gets the good soul. I think it somehow was entwined with the baby but some areas are vague. What is the name of book where girl is taken in by bird people and raised in a library and threatened by dragon people I know she had a friend that clung to her hair and her shoulders a lot.

Please help with the name of the book? I cant remember the title if someone could please help i would appreciate it!!

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This may be a short story and it's about two young boys that are twins. The "bad" twin does bad stuff and the "good" twin tries to cover it up or be helpful But in the end there is a twist and you find out it's only one boy. I read this in an English high school class in the late 80's. For some reason I think of Ten Little Indians but not sure if that's part of it.

I read a book in when I was a 6th grader about a guy who is struck by lightening and wakes up in a war. The war had Japanese or Vietnamese soldiers I forget which.

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I believe the story begins with him in the attic or basement of his house and looking through old war items his father had because he was a veteran. He is struck by lightening when he is riding his bike. I am not sure of anything else but I remember this book being short. I'm looking for a book I read a few years ago when I wasn't quite a young adult. I remember that it had like a pink and green cover, it was a young adult novel.

The summary of it is that there were 2 girls who were best friends but the best friend of the main character was getting "too popular" for the main character and they split ways because of that. She became a bully towards her.