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Whenever I have traveled, I have always found a someone. Only I presume one has to travel during the rush hours. Posted On Oct 3, - But still there are some signs like people standing with their hands in both the pockets of the pant Or holding the bag at its bottom. Posted On Oct 8, - I got only 4 to 5 honest guys here on social media within 4 years But in 2x2 u sure get some one for fun Posted On Oct 9, - I have a question.

I am a tall and well built guy, hence I think people get a bit scared and don't do anything to me in train. Also I am very bad at catching signal. What should I do? Is there anything I can do to let these uncles know that they can approach and play with me? I am not very familiar with how it works. Can anyone please help? Posted On Oct 26, - Posted On Nov 5, - So I decided to go in the 2by2.

There was a guy staring at me on the platform.. And when the train came he saw me getting into the 2by2 and I got in.. I faked and said vasai.. I am like okay I can not mind.. I opened his zip and put my hand inside it whereas he opened my pant's button and took it out.. And so he began.. I was so happy and satisfied it was my best train experience yet.. Posted On Nov 8, - Since there is no safe place nearby we exchanged the numbers and plan to leave. He gave a huge kiss before of everyone in the platform while I am about to board the train. I can see that some people long for true friendship and love in this modern world.

He could not able to leave me and go. Truly a good person in life. Posted On Nov 9, - Posted On Nov 18, - It could clearly see his buldge. So in few minutes I managed to touch it.. Posted On Nov 19, - Posted On Nov 20, - But whenever I travel, I can spot something. There's relatively less action in Trans-harbour lines but in Central lines, action is almost guaranteed during peak hours in 2x2.

I am more of a mute spectator and enjoy observing people and their behaviour. I travelled in central today after a long time from Dadar to Thane.

Subway Cruising Porn Gay Videos |

I saw an old man, skinny, tall and fair had two upper buttons of his shirt open, exposing one of his sagging boobs. He was standing next to me. We were both leaning on the wall in the gangway, with me to his left. Suddenly a chubby fem guy on late 20s came and stood to his right. Within few minutes, the oldie turned towards him and the action began. The tall oldie was shamelessly inserting his palm into the guys trousers to feel his butts. He had no stealth or calm.

Vigorous and visible to everyone, his elbows poking me! It was so embarassing for the receiving guy. I saw some people were looking. The oldie had no awareness of the surroundings. Just closed his eyes and feeling him. He also went forward to embrace him from from behind with his right hand. And buried his face in his right shoulder. I also saw him humping times, hard. A sincere request, please do it carefully. Be as stealthy and inconspicuous as you can. I really feel bad for the receiving guy.

Enjoyment should be mutual and should not bring shame and starres from everyone. This is why people have homophobia. They feel that gays are uncouth and indecent and hit on anyone publically. Please upholde the community's respect. Act sane, act mature. Train was lil crowded I saw one guy standing near the door.

He was lil dusky complexion. He also allow me to enjoy Then mulund station came where I want to get it down. My friends was waiting outside station. So I get it down mulund station. That guy also came outside train with me and walking with me so i thought he was interested in me that's why following me. So I went up on bridge and stop there. He came near me and asked about where I stay and why I'm here in mulund so I told I came here for work my friends are waiting outside station.

Then he asked me u have changed rs. I said no i don't have.

Playlists Containing: Cruising for Bareback at Train Station

Then he grabbed my neck and said chal tere dost ko batata hu n dono ki gand marta I pulled him n ran to opposite side And there is police station outside mulund station there is way from inside so l went it from that way So beware of such people in train. Posted On Nov 21, - Those who haven't witnessed any such thing are also found to homophobic.

If you're traveling alone, the upper bunk is a good place to stash your suitcase, as it disappears into the ceiling when you don't need it.

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The Viewliner has a flip-down sink and a flip-up toilet, which is surprisingly well disguised and hidden and not at all gross. The sleeper car attendant has free coffee running in a pot most of the day tip them accordingly , there's power in each sleeper it claims to be only for electric razors, but my laptop charged quite happily , and there are bathrooms and a shower with good water pressure just down the corridor.

Some of the larger Viewliner rooms have showers built in, but I draw the line there — showers deserve separate rooms. Best of all, the seats convert into a comfortable bed. If you really want to be decadent, leave it in the bed configuration all day, and enjoy the only form of transport in which you can lie down and read and watch America trundle past your window all day. I was able to write almost constantly. And despite my original notion that I'd be able to digitally detox, I found laptops work much better than notebooks. In the latter, the rocking of the train can make your writing look like that of a drunken sailor.

My dilemma when considering the journey, as I expressed below to my fellow writer-resident Ksenia Anske, is our modern always-on culture's dilemma in a nutshell:. I start my cross-country Amtrak writer's residency next week! To tweet or not to tweet? In the end, my hope was that the decision would be made for me by simple lack of cellular coverage. And when that connection gets spotty, you can get stuck in a loop of hitting reload in the hopes it will work this time. Put your phone in airplane mode, and only check it when you're on the platform at one of what Amtrak calls the "fresh air" read: There is one reason why working on an Amtrak is problematic, especially west of the Rockies.

It's because you keep seeing stuff like this:. Beautiful Ruby Canyon on the Utah-Colorado border nofilter amtrak amtrakresidency hyperlapse. A video posted by Chris Taylor futurechris on Jun 23, at This is the big one, and it doesn't get talked about often enough. Yes, in general we know that Amtrak trains are late, to the point where they earn nicknames. Now this is fine if you're all about the journey rather than the destination, and that was my attitude for much of the trip.

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I'd taken the week off; I had long layovers in all my destinations; I loved losing long, lazy hours writing and reading in my roomette on a slow train to nowhere. But this attitude has its limits. I was fine with the train being an hour late out of the train yard to pick us up at the start of the line; I was steaming with fury as we crawled into Denver more than four hours behind schedule, because it meant evening plans I had with a Colorado friend I don't get to see very often were sunk.

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And that, as it turned out, was just the appetizer to the main course of lateness. That came two days later, when I hopped back on the Zephyr to finish its journey in Chicago — and got stuck in what turned out to be a hour delay. Ostensibly this was due to tornadoes in Iowa that led to flooding that led to a change of track. Martin is getting ready to entertain the 9-hour delayed amtrak passengers. A photo posted by Chris Taylor futurechris on Jun 25, at In Japan, if a train is running a single minute late — literally, sixty seconds behind — the conductor will apologize over the tannoy.

Five minutes late, and passengers are issued a delay certificate, which you can give to your employer or teacher by way of explanation.


The only apology I recalled hearing was when the train scheduled to arrive at 2: The few remaining passengers who hadn't switched to buses back at Omaha were groggy, scrambling to get off the train, and could be excused for missing it. The Amtrak staff are almost all friendly, hard-working types.

My sleeper attendant in the Zephyr on the way to Chicago told me that with all the delays the train had been equally cursed going west , she'd only had six hours of sleep in the past five nights. But train arrival times is not their strong suit; indeed, such updates seemed to be held as closely as state secrets. I heard more announcements about dining car seatings than I did about our near-constant state of delay. My attendant was a good spy, and kindly passed on any scrap of information she overheard on the conductors' radios.

But in general, I got my updated arrival times from the Amtrak iPhone app — not ideal for anyone trying to detox from the Internet, and given the spaces between coverage, not a reliable source of information either.